Local Elections in Georgia: Candidates Compete for District 125 Seat

This week, the first of many local elections in Georgia will come to an end. The voters in Columbia and McDuffie counties will have the opportunity to determine the next representative for District 125 in the Georgia House of Representatives.

Among the candidates vying for this position are political activist CJ Pearson, recent Columbia County Commissioner Gary Richardson, and Jim Steed, the owner of Steed’s Dairy. Additionally, software engineer John Turpish is running as the Libertarian candidate, while Kay Turner, the owner of Intome Management and IntoME Health & Beauty, is the Democratic candidate. Each of these individuals is hoping to succeed Barry Fleming, who vacated the seat to assume a state superior court judgeship within the Columbia Judicial Circuit.

Instead of directly quoting the candidates, it is important to understand the key issues they have tackled during their campaigns. One of the major topics of debate has been the state of the economy, with each candidate presenting their plans for economic growth and job creation. Another hotly contested issue is abortion, with the candidates expressing their beliefs and positions on this matter.

On election day, the polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. In McDuffie County, voters can cast their ballots at the Precinct on Main in Thompson or the Dearing Community Center on Augusta Highway. Meanwhile, several precincts in Columbia County will also be available, including Kiokee Baptist, Woodlawn Baptist, Harlem Library, Harlem Senior Center, and others.

For voters seeking more information about their local elections, the “My Voter Page” online at mvp.sos.ga.gov is a valuable resource.

As this local election draws to a close, the residents of Columbia and McDuffie counties have a crucial decision to make. They must carefully consider the candidates’ platforms and choose the one who they believe will best represent their interests in District 125 of the Georgia House of Representatives.


1. Wat zijn de belangrijkste kandidaten voor de positie van vertegenwoordiger in District 125 in het Huis van Afgevaardigden van Georgia?
– CJ Pearson (politiek activist)
– Gary Richardson (recentelijk commissaris van Columbia County)
– Jim Steed (eigenaar van Steed’s Dairy)
– John Turpish (software engineer, Libertair kandidaat)
– Kay Turner (eigenaar van Intome Management en IntoME Health & Beauty, Democratisch kandidaat)

2. Welke belangrijke onderwerpen zijn besproken tijdens de campagnes van de kandidaten?
– Economie: plannen voor economische groei en banencreatie
– Abortus: uiteenlopende standpunten en overtuigingen van de kandidaten

3. Waar en wanneer kunnen de kiezers hun stem uitbrengen?
– De stembureaus zijn geopend van 7.00 uur tot 19.00 uur.
– McDuffie County: bij de Precinct on Main in Thompson of het Dearing Community Center op Augusta Highway.
– Columbia County: verschillende stembureaus zijn beschikbaar, waaronder Kiokee Baptist, Woodlawn Baptist, Harlem Library, Harlem Senior Center, en anderen.

4. Waar kunnen kiezers meer informatie vinden over hun lokale verkiezingen?
– De “My Voter Page” online op mvp.sos.ga.gov is een waardevolle bron voor meer informatie over lokale verkiezingen.

Belangrijke termen:

– District 125: Het kiesdistrict waarin de lokale verkiezingen plaatsvinden.
– Georgia House of Representatives: Het wetgevende orgaan van Georgia, bestaande uit vertegenwoordigers die gekozen worden tijdens lokale verkiezingen.
– Precinct: Een specifieke locatie waar kiezers hun stem kunnen uitbrengen.

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